Introducing Mazzetti’s Bakery Order Ahead! Accepting orders, scroll down to get started!

By clicking the below link and placing an order, you agree to the important terms below.


Order and prepay from our online menu and skip the line in store. There are no minimums and currently no added fees associated with using this service. Online menu options are limited and subject to change. Our staff will update our online menu throughout the day with sold out items. If an item is unavailable after having placed an order, an employee will attempt to contact you prior to pickup to offer an item substitution.

Your order will be prepared prior to pickup and at arrival, please meet with one of our employees in our new prepaid/order ahead line. At times when we are limited on staff, we may combine our regular walk-in customer line and our prepaid order line. Please be prepared to wait in the regular line for walk-in customers if your visit is at a time when we unfortunately have limited staff.


Customers will be asked to confirm the order’s name and details at the time of pickup. If an additional order would like to be placed at the time of pickup, please join our regular line for walk-in customers and we will be happy to add additional items to your prepaid order!

Coffee will be poured at pickup to ensure freshness. Individual sugar packets & creamers are available.

For any requested writing on cakes, enter in the special instructions area for that item.  Please check your spelling, writing will be exactly as typed including capitalization and punctuation.  All items are provided as is with no substitutions. Any other special instructions provided will be considered at the time of pickup only and will potentially delay your order from being ready on time.